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At last videostudio tutorials i can understand!

First off let me say how thankful I am for your VideoStudio tutorials package! I loved the Pro X3 painting creator videos. Wow! I did not think you could do animations with VideoStudio like that!! I've been struggling to get some videos done for work and just couldn't find anything half as good as your high quality video tutorials. But guess what - I almost did not buy your videos because of the insanely low price! I think you're hurting your sales by having such a low price!! Great tutorials, but do yourself a favour - up the price and I think more people will value them because they are top notch.

Brad Wilson(New York - USA)

I had spent about 20 hours going through the Corel 300 page user manual ...

Thank you. I sincerely find these tutorials extremely valuable. Prior to finding seeitdoit on the web I had spent about 20 hours going through the Corel 300 page user manual and still did not know how to effectively utilize the soft ware. I spent 2 hours with your tutorials and was on my way. I have since made about 6 or 7 home videos and videos for our high school baseball team - this one was received with great fanfare by all the players and their parents. This may sound trite but I could not have produced and edited over 40 hours of baseball video into a 45 minute highlight DVD without your product. Thanks you very much

Richard A. Wallace (USA)